Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility goes Beyond Statutory requirements.

Free Training and Employment Opportunity for Women’s

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability are not secondary focuses of our business – they are integrated across everything we do, by providing free training on stitching clothes and also we provide more employment opportunities for women. We are heavily committed to growing our business with no negative environmental, economic and social impacts.


We focus on education & sustainability, which is the non-negotiable need of the hour

We have had CSR projects of contributing to the orphanage for the disabled, children education trust and religious organizations. By distribution of education materials, the Company has helped the students of the schools in the nearby locations.

The Company has made contributions to promote green energy in rural areas besides involved in CSR activities in improving community welfare, environmental protection and road safety measures.

Now to coincide with the statutory requirement of the corporate social responsibility, the Company would continue to get involved and also to take up inter-alia the following CSR activities.

    • Providing assistance in the promotional activities of education, enhancing skills to the younger generation in their employment which would improve their lifestyles.
    • Implementing projects or programs for environmental sustainability, protection of plantations and horticulture, conserving of natural resources, planting of trees, development of agroforestry, etc.
    • Pursuing of rural development projects in and around the factories’ locations directly or jointly with organizations which are involved in such projects, programmes or activities.


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